High Frequency C-ARM X-ray System Flat Panel Display – RMC72F


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HF C-Arm X-Ray RMC72F Information Booklet

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Key Features:

Digital Detector – Thales Dynamic Flat Panel Detector

Inverter Frequency – 110kHz

Size & Weight – Lightweight, compact

Mechanical Movement – Wide adjustment – Slip on orbit >±135˚ – Revolution around vertical axis ±15˚

Functional Monitor – Human graphic LCD touch screen

Display Monitors – 3 units 19″ 1M medical use LCD

Software – RCDPS


Technical Overview:

Output power 5kW
Dual-focus Small focus:0.3 Large focus:1.5
Inverter frequency 110kHz
Fluoroscopic type Automatic, manual, pulse
Tube voltage 40-120kV
Tube current 0.3-30mA

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